Ready to overcome your “Imposter” feelings and your Inner Critic?

Find the solutions you need in this 4 week programme!!

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This 4 week programme explores the sources of our imposter feelings and guides you through a range of solutions to overcome them and  manage your Inner Critic!

Yes! I want to overcome my Imposter feelings

Are your Imposter feelings getting in the way of you being your best self?

  • Want to understand your Imposter feelings?
  • Are you ready to be seen? 
  • Want know how to find your voice?
  • Ready to believe in yourself more?
  • Had enough of hiding and playing small?
  • Ready to get away from your Inner Critic?

Many people are torn - afraid to speak up, be seen, be counted AND at the same time, are frustrated that they're holding back.

Feeling like a fraud and being your own worst critic is a toxic combination.

If you’re fed up of your Imposter feelings and you Inner Critic holding you back, I'll show you how to step up and be your best self.

Margaret Collins

“I feel that the strength and humour I've regained has grounded me and is also benefitting the people around me because I'm better to be around.

Margaret Collins

“I am enjoying life so much more and I feel extremely grateful to Margaret and very impressed by her talent in facilitating this awakening and guiding me into a new, fulfilled and peaceful way of being.

Imposter Syndrome: Sources and Solutions 

Everything you need overcome Imposter feelings and learn tools for long term gains!

  • Reduce anxiety, stop feeling like an Imposter
  • Acknowledge your own achievements 
  • Manage unhealthy perfectionism
  • Trying to please everyone holds you back
  • Retrain your unhelpful thoughts
  • Redefine success and failure on your terms
  • Make your Inner Critic your ally!

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If you’re fed up of hiding your real self, of not getting the recognition you deserve – save yourself the stress and frustration of doing it all alone. 

This programme will help you understand and overcome your Imposter feelings.

Find tools to reduce the anxiety that comes from feeling like a fraud.

Get ready to celebrate your skills and talents. 

Not good enough, insecure, anxious, afraid of being found out?

Many people have these feelings as they go about their work. Even when, intellectually, you know you have experience , you are still haunted by the worry “Will they find out that I’m not good enough and I shouldn’t be doing this?”.

This feels bad. It’s frustrating. It has some very negative effects:

  • We try to hide, we hold back, we don’t volunteer answers... 
  • We let others take the lead, afraid to step up ourselves. This often stops us taking the roles we deserve and makes us look ineffective. 
  • We miss out on opportunities and are overlooked for promotion. It’s just exhausting and so frustrating.
  • When we do “volunteer” or can’t avoid the spotlight, we over-prepare, work really hard, over-deliver on even the most simple tasks and almost burn out in the process

I get it! I've been there for much of my adult life...

I was an unlikely candidate to get an education, the first in my family to get qualifications and go to university - I felt like a fish out of water, as if I didn't belong.

I passed my exams and started my career - I just kept wondering how long it would be before they figured out I was a fraud.

Even while I was being promoted and establishing my reputation I felt as if I was making it up as I was going along.

Only when I learned about Imposter Syndrome did I realise where these feelings came from!

Initially it was hard to believe that feeling like a fraud didn't mean I was a fraud - in fact, people who feel like Imposters often excel and are leaders in their profession.

Running workshops for the last 10 years has allowed me to share tools to overcome imposter feelings. You can own your strengths and talents with confidence and humility. You can effectively manage your Inner Critic (it's your ally, you don't really want it to go away!). 

Joining the "Imposter Syndrome: Sources and Solutions" Programme you will:

  • Understand how your Imposter works
  • Learn to value your achievements
  • Develop more helpful thought patterns
  • Write a more positive story for your life
  • Look yourself in the eye, with confidence!

Is "Imposter Syndrome Sources and Solutions" right for you?

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 You often over-prepare for even simple tasks

You're frustrated that you're afraid to share what you know

 You know you're holding yourself back yet...

You don't want to be in the spotlight

 You're frustrated that you can't find or share your voice

You're concerned that your career has stalled

 You've known this for years yet the feelings won't go away!

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What’s in the programme?

What’s inside the challenge?

Core Content

Four recorded modules

Four group coaching sessions

Workbook for personal reflections

Private facebook group

You have three options:

Full package: All Core content is included. This wIll allow you to get solutions you can implement over four short weeks

Extended package: All Core content plus a single one-to-one coaching session to allow you to customise your solutions and an additional group coaching session to embed your learning

VIP package: All Core content plus six one-to-one coaching sessions and an additional group coaching session to allow you to explore confidence, leadership and mastery of the tools to effectively manage your imposter!

Module 1: What is Imposter Syndrome?

Where does it come from? Who is affected? Is it really just me? 

Module 2: Why does it matter?

Understand the price you are paying and why you want to change.

Module 3: How our thinking makes things worse 

Habitual, unhelpful thought patterns can be retrained. Learn how to manage your Inner Critic.

Module 4: Tools for sustainable, long-term change

Simple, time-tested tools to overcome your Imposter feelings, find your voice and be your best self. 

Margaret Collins

“Before, challenge was a drain. I was terrified the world was constantly judging me, scared of not achieving and tired. Now I feel more energetic and more positive about work. I value work and relationships more and I have a lot more fun. Above all, I'm proud of myself. Truly. ”

Margaret Collins

“I started in a new role and during my first meeting with my manager thought "There's no way I'll get all this done". Normally I'd go along with things, swallow what I wanted to say, be a people pleaser and feel resentful later. Instead I spoke up!”

Are you ready to FINALLY do something about your Imposter feelings?

Meet Your Coach 
Dr Margaret Collins 
(Recovering Imposter!)

For many years I was a very successful senior academic, my colleagues trusted me, respected my work. Me, I was the one who had the doubts and insecurity… did I really belong, was I contributing at the highest level, making a difference and being counted? 

I trained as a coach to develop my skills as a manager – only then did I learn how Imposter Syndrome feelings contributed to my doubts.

I learned that I was not alone. Doubting myself was a product of unhelpful thought processes (and a little unconscious bias!).

Literally, change your thoughts and you can change your life. Add new skills and it can feel like everything is different. And like learning to drive a car, this skill set can be yours.


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Best Selling Author
Dr Margaret Collins best-selling author: 

"Beyond Imposter Syndrome".

"To journey beyond imposter syndrome we need courage to know ourselves honestly as we tell our own stories and also compassion to treat ourselves gently as we grow. Moving beyond imposter syndrome doesn't mean we walk out perfect, shiny and bullet-proof. It does mean that we accept the truth of who we are, secure in the knowledge that we are enough. "

"An inspirational and strategic approach to overcoming your inner critic! I’m a counsellor and I will be recommending this book to my clients." Charl

"It is written with clarity and the strategies really do work. An excellent book extremely well written." Brian

"If you want to learn about how to be more confident in your work and personal interactions this is well worth reading and putting into practice. It avoids the ‘padding’ so many books include. Straightforward explanations with notes and reminders on possible next steps.
A book that is accessible and written in plain langauage with everyday examples to illustrate points effectively. I would have been interested to read a little more about how Imposter Syndrome impacts on personal and family relationships but the author is clear about her focus being primarily on work related situations. I enjoyed the tone and no-nonsense approach of the book which allowed the message to come through with clarity." Lesley 

Available in Paperback and on Kindle. 

Is there a Guarantee?

We know that if you put in the effort, you’ll finish this programme with:

A greater understanding of your Imposter feelings
Tools for your long-term change
Strategies to manage your Inner Critic
Ready to give the world the gift of the Best You!

P.S. Did you skip to the bottom???

I sometimes skim sales pages too, so here’s the bottom line: 

Many people with Imposter feelings know they are not reaching their full potential. Most don't do anything about it.

You know there is a more confident you, itching to give her best to the world.

This programme will give you the skills you need to start that journey.

Ready to overcome your “Imposter” feelings and manage your Inner Critic?
Get the solutions you need in this 4 week programme!!

Register now from only £497!

You have three options:

Full package: All Core content is included. This wIll allow you to get solutions you can implement over four short weeks

Extended package: All Core content plus a single one-to-one coaching session to allow you to customise your solutions and an additional group coaching session to embed your learning

VIP package: All Core content plus six one-to-one coaching sessions and an additional group coaching session to allow you to explore confidence, leadership and mastery of the tools to effectively manage your imposter!