The Out of Overwhelm Route Map

You know it's not working. It feels like you're drowning in work, it's up to your ears.  The dream that "It will be better next week..." is faded and you need something now.

In the "Out of Overwhelm Route Map" I offer insights to ease the chaos. Like a life jacket, it will keep your head above water while you figure out a better way. It points the direction to solutions that help you find your way back to solid ground.

Some very simple suggestions to implement ways to work smarter, to do more with the same resources you have right now. 

What can you learn from this Route Map?

  • Working longer and harder is not sustainable.
  • Simple solutions really can make a difference.
  • Time blocking can work wonders for your output.
  • Matching, batching and managing your energy is vital.
  • Really prioritise the important stuff (and that's probably not your email!).

John used these tips and within 24 hours was reaping the rewards: "I've begun to use some of your material and had an interesting insight on the first day. At the end of the day I still felt like I had much more to do, even though I had done everything on my list... I realised that although that feeling of "there's more to do" was there, it wasn't a true reflection of where I was at. Because I had all the tasks on my to-do list ticked off, I was done for the day!" 

How would it feel if you could take an evening off, guilt-free, knowing you really had done enough for the day? 

Take the first step by downloading your Route Map now.