Finding Focus

Managing your attention is the secret to health, happiness and productivity

Our ability to focus on things of our choosing shapes our experience of life.

Do we give our attention to things that have meaning - or is our attention stolen from us?

 Do you feel distracted, switching between different tasks?

Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling rather than actually doing what you want?

Are there times when you wonder where did the hours/days/weeks go?

Life is busy and yes, there are many conflicting demands on our attention.

It can feel impossible to settle to a task, get down to work, finally write that report or read that book. 

Even when we do get down to work, distractions seem to be everywhere: social medial alerts, emails, phone calls, even other other tasks on our list take away our focus from what we are actually doing. Research suggests that we rarely get an hour without interruptions and our thoughts can be distracted from the task that we're doing, every few minutes.

Finding Focus

Our ability to focus our attention on a chosen task is something that improves with conscious practice. Like developing a muscle, the more we use it, the stronger it can get.

The environment we live and work in, is often not on our side. It is full of distractions, things to tempt us to do other things, anything apart from the task we know we should do.

The good news is it is possible to choose focussed attention:

  • to plan for a task and know it's going to get done.
  • to sit down to work and know you'll be productive.
  • to enjoy "time off", knowing that you've done enough work.

Using strategies that are evidence based, researched and proven to work, you can develop that focus and purpose that brought you to this job/role in the first place. Rediscover that sense of doing something important, worthwhile, challenging, yes, but in a way that is energising. 

Margaret Collins

“The most important thing for me was realising that difficulty focusing is a common problem and not unique to me and that there are things that I can do to improve that don't require me to miraculously develop a new hyper-efficient personality.

There was not too much information presented. Sometimes these types of sessions are overloaded and it's too much to take in. This one was just right.”

Margaret Collins

“I valued the evidence-based approach.
It was a relief to realise that a lack of focus is a common issue.

Reminders about the basics - prioritising and drawing lists was helpful.

Greater self-awareness about energy, environment and attention.”

Finding Focus 3

Focus has a formula.

We often find a state of flow, that sense of effortless focus when we choose something understanding that it is meaningful and requires some effort on our part. 

When working longer and harder just isn't working you need to understand why choice is so important for you. Choose the environment where it is easy to focus, gather the resources you need... failing to remove obvious temptations is not going to make things easier.

I'm not talking about magic or miracles but an approach that aligns your intentions, your energy and your actions. Create the focussed momentum and successful strategies that allow you to focus on what is important to you.

Dr Margaret Collins 
Former Academic and researcher.

For many years I ran in that hamster wheel, many different activities, stuff that felt it just had to be done.

For me it was juggling the demands of delivering a teaching workload, examining and amending student reports, committees, meetings and yes managing my team of researchers. It felt as if the list of things I was responsible for delivering just grew and grew.

I never thought it would be an easy lifestyle but, really, did it have to feel like this? 

Fortunately, if you change your thoughts and you can change your life. Add new skills and it can feel like everything is different. And like driving a car, this skill set can be learned.

But I know you don't feel that you have the time. You're barley keeping your head above water right now.

So let me share with you what I've learned...

  • from 20+ years as a researcher and Senior Lecturer
  • from 20 years experience as a trained professional coach
  • after delivering training workshops for thousands of happy clients
  • from establishing my own business while caring full time for a sister with disabilities

As a researcher I was driven by the question "How does it work?" I still ask that question, about performance, about impact and yes, about productivity.

I've invested decades in learning, in reading and applying the strategies and tools I will share with you.

I've done the time so you can gain the benefits.

Margaret Collins,  Trainer

"Really helpful training"

Margaret Collins

“So many sensible points peppered throughout the session starting with the obvious but helpful: "You'll never get everything done, but the things you prioritise will get done.".
It's important to take time to prepare to work (planning, scheduling, etc).
Thinking about monthly, quarterly, and annual goals - I hadn't done anything like this before, other then in a really broad and vague sense.
And yes, identifying if what you're doing is a distraction or a displacement activity... feeling busy isn't the same as being productive.”

What do you get?

I could talk about finding focus and how to manage your attention for hours but I get it, you're busy! I know you'd like me to give you a magic wand, to make it easy and always available...

What about I do the next best thing and distil the best bits of my experience into just over an hour and then chunk that down into 6 main lessons so you can watch or listen to just the bit you need, right now. Here's what you get:

  • The benefit of 20+ years of my experience as a successful research academic, coach and trainer distilled into a short series of videos.
  • A masterclass in finding focus edited into 6 bite-sized videos you can easily digest.
  • Each of the videos contains displays slides with an audio track expanding on the detail, explaining ways to apply the learning. 
  • Videos are subtitled - watch where and when you want. Subtitles mean it's easy, even when commuting.
Dropper - wide
Masterclass Distilled
In less than 2 hours you get the benefit of 20+ years experience. I've done the work, read the research, prepared it for you.
Finding Focus - 2
What is Focus?
Insights from observation and from neuroscience. Attention can be voluntary or involuntary. When does it show up for you?
Finding Focus 3
The Focus Formula
Focus has a formula. It can happen "by accident", If you understand the component parts you can make it happen by choice.
Finding Focus 4
Deep Work
Essential resources: our energy, our environment and our conscious attention need to be managed.
Finding Focus 5
Setting Priorities
To focus, it helps to consciously choose a meaningful priority. Here are some ways you can do that.
FF Finding Focus spiral cover 3D
Slide content for reference
Any time you need a reminder, refer to the slides.
Strategies Subtitles
Watch where and when you want. Subtitles make it easy.

Have I convinced you already?
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Margaret Collins
Mevalyn Cross

“For me the time management was probably the best training I have ever spent. I came away with really practical solutions that enabled me to go back into the office with a clear plan for change. My day was energised by a sense of focus because rather than the day controlling me, I feel that I have a strategy that enables me to manage my day and get the job done.

I have shared what I have learned with lots of other people and I will be eating frogs at the start of every day until the supply runs out. ”

Got Questions?

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask me:

Will this really work for me?

These tools work. Some tools will suit you better than others. If you watch the video but don't apply the learning, little will change for you. If you make time to use them you will see the results for yourself. 

How long will it take to cover the content?

I've distilled the content into six main sections. The total viewing time is 142 minutes but you can get benefits from watching even one video. The modular structure makes it easy to watch one section at a time.

Where can I watch the videos?

The videos are designed to work on any laptop, PC or mobile device.

What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

I've described the content as honestly as I can. I use the strategies myself. I've shared this with thousands of clients who freely tell me how well it works for them. I believe many of these will work for you. If you have listened to the content, applied the strategies and you don't believe it's helping you get more stuff done, please do email me, I'd love to help you get the results you want.