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Welcome to my showcase! You can sample my work with access to free resources (see the bottom of this page). You can find out about and buy access to individual programmes, masterclasses or short courses. Let me know what else you need!


My 20+ years of learning, distilled for you.

I know you're busy. Sometimes it really works to have the best bits distilled into short lessons you can watch at your convenience. The content of my training workshops has been distilled into a masterclass or short course, broken down into subtitled lessons, just for you.

Confident Speaking at Meetings

What to say, how to say it and how to feel good while you're saying it! 

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A Masterclass in Time and Energy Management.

It is possible to plan for a week and know it's going to be good...

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Feelings

A Powerful short course to give you tools to overcome your Imposter Syndrome Feelings!

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Managing Pressure Positively

How to think about problems and challenges in ways that give options for action rather than routes to rumination.  

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Managing your Research Project

This Masterclass is not about any project management system but it is about how to manage your research project as a researcher.

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Finding Focus

The masterclass to health, happiness and productivity. 


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Solutions Hub

A collection of my best training programmes distilled into masterclasses or short courses. 

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Strategies to Increase Your Influence

Supervision for New Supervisors

Developing Professional Networks

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