Self-study Programme

GBP 297.00

A four module programme show you the common sources of Imposter feelings and guide you through the solutions.  Each module has several video lessons and a separate reflective workbook to help you really integrate the learning.

If you’re fed up of your Imposter feelings and your Inner Critic holding you back, I'll show you how to step up and be your best self.

You certainly can include coaching as an option as you work through this course - let me know if that's of interest!

Powerful short course

GBP 27.00

Tools to overcome your Imposter Syndrome Feelings!

This short course will help anyone who is:

  • fed up with not feeling good enough,
  • frustrated that they are holding themselves back in business or professional roles,
  • ready to overcome Imposter Syndrome feelings.

a Masterclass in Time and Energy Management

GBP 67.00

Workload feels never ending? Exhausted just trying to keep up? Not enough hours in the day - or the night?

The good news is it is possible to:

  • plan for a week and know it's going to be good,
  • finish work before dinner and know you've done enough.
  • enjoy an evening or even a weekend, guilt free, doing anything you choose.


GBP 67.00

This short programme is not about any project management system but it is about how to manage your research project as a researcher.

In this short masterclass, I focus on the "project" aspects of this:

  • how to plan your project
  • understand the stakeholders
  • define the scope
  • identify risks
  • manage tasks...


GBP 67.00

A Masterclass

The importance of networking to you and your career and how to do it well. 

We look at:

  • the skills that you need to network effectively,

  • strategies that you can use to consciously develop your network.


GBP 67.00

The masterclass on

  • X

You will learn how to:

  • X


GBP 67.00

The masterclass on

  • What to say
  • How to say it
  • How to feel good while you're saying it! 

You will learn how to:

  • Structure and deliver a presentation or a contribution at a meeting.
  • Communicate confidently.
  • Manage the "presentation stress", the anxiety that comes up when we know that we're going to be watched while we speak.

Masterclasses whenever you need them

GBP 1,500.00

A collection of my best training programmes distilled into masterclasses or short courses. 

You can access the videos whenever you want, they are all subtitled and many are accompanied by reflective workbooks to help you get best value from the learning.

You can purchase access for the staff from your organisation or a monthly membership option. 

Do contact me if you'd like to find out more.

explore a decision or challenge that you’re facing

GBP 397.00

One-to-one Coaching

GBP 250.00

The Essential Accountability package allows you up to 100 minutes a month, typically over 2 calls, to keep you on track while you implement the growth and the changes that you're going to learn about.